100% Uptime Guarantee

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers our Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting & VPS Products.

We take uptime extremely seriously and it defines who we are and what we aim to provide to our clients.  We have invested in the best possible infrastructure to meet this objective which give us the confidence to offer this industry leading guarantee.

Redwax Cloud Hosting guarantees 100% uptime for your service, this guarantee covering the following aspect, in respect of unscheduled maintenance windows.


Our entire network has been built to provide N+1 redundancy at every point.  Multiple links to the internet, fully redundant and top quality networking hardware. We guarantee 100% uptime on our network, from the virtual network port on your server to the datacentre internet connection.


Fully redundant Power, battery backup and contracts for diesel in the event of an extended power outage enable us to provide continuous running of your server.


We operate mirrors SAN's in an N+1 arrangement.  Our clusters at the compute layer (Processor(s), RAM, Hard Disk(s), Motherboard, NIC card, and other hardware component within a physical server) are fully redundant to at least N+1.  The entire inrfrastructure is self healing for the quickest possible resolution of hardware failure in a completely seamless fashion.


SLA credit will not apply if the customer is in breach of any part of our terms of service, or we suspend the service or any part of it in accordance with those terms, e.g. suspension of service due to overdue invoices or abuse complaints.

Issues which occur outside of our network do not fall within this SLA as we cannot possibly have any influence over them, such as wider issues between you and the datacentre.

Downtime does not extend to any time required to reconfigure/restore websites or other data, if required.

The SLA does not include full or partial outages resulting at any given software layer either at the virtualisation or operating system level.

SLA credit will not apply if the failure is due to a Force Majeure event; or the failure is due to a scheduled Service outage; or if the fault is not reported to us via the helpdesk with corresponding acknowledgement and ticket ID.

SLA Credit structure:

  1. <100% and > 99.8% = 5% monthly credit
  2. 95% to 99.8% = 10% monthly credit
  3. 90% to 94.9% = 25% monthly credit
  4. 60% to 89.9% = 40% monthly credit
  5. < 60% = Pro-rata up to a maximum of 100% monthly credit

The maximum SLA credit that a customer can receive in any calendar month is an amount equal to 100% of the monthly service fee.

Service Level Agreement claims are given in the form of credit to your account; this credit can then be offset against future service invoices or purchases. For the avoidance of doubt, the credit cannot be applied to any invoice already levied at the time we apply the credit to your account, and cannot be refunded as cash to a credit card, bank account or payment provider.

In all instances, a breach of the SLA will only be deemed to have occurred if validated by Redwax Cloud Hosting as actually having occurred.

Credit Requests

To receive an SLA credit please open a request via our helpdesk within 10 days of the outage. Please include a related ticket ID where you reported the fault to us, dates and times of unavailability, and any other information. Once a request has been verified we will credit your account within 30 days on your next invoice.

Please ensure you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service which complement this SLA.