Free Hosting

Operating a charity or not-for-profit organisation?

...Well, you could be entitled to reduced rate or even free hosting.  We recognise the difficulty charities have in raising funds to carry out the important function they do, especially whilst times are hard.  So many organisations see fit to treat charity business simply as business, well, we like to do our bit too where we can.

So,if you think you might qualify then why not drop us a line and we'll see if we can help!

We may in some circumstances be able to extend this offer to other good causes...

For example, a small start-up within the following sectors might be entitled to reduced rate hosting or a 'free period':

  • Local-interest groups, such as Bee Keepers, Allotment Holders
  • Organisations pursuing sustainability on a local level
  • Small Parish Councils

We would be keep to here from you if you are unsure

Infrastructure in the Cloud

Also, we can help charities simplify their IT by putting costly resources into the cloud and we do so at a favourable rate for these types of organisations.